Drama, Thriller

Albert Green finds himself cornered by the law. What have those hands done? What have those eyes seen? What memories can he not escape?

Genre: neo-noir, drama, thriller

Directed by Roderick MacKay & Dave Stephens
Producer: Roderick MacKay
Associate Producer: Michael Searle
Writer: Roderick MacKay
Story by Dave Stephens & Roderick MacKay
Cinematography: Andrew Gordon & Henry Whitehead
Digital VFX: Andrew Gordon
Editor: Roderick MacKay
Score Composer: Lucky Oceans
Score Editor: Steve Richter
Sound Designer: Metiqulas
Grade: Henry Whitehead

Cast: Paul David-Goddard, Jeremy Levi, Alfredo Mallabelo, Francesca Urli, Alex Wilkie, David Wollesen, Matt Zappala,

Shot on a Canon 7D and 5DmkII

Completed early 2010 in Perth, Western Australia.

A message from the Author:

“Making this short film was a total blast. The budget was tiny, but the dedication and enthusiasm across all facets of cast and crew was truly overwhelming, not to mention the vast in-kind support from family, friends, unfathomably patient extras, and the broader Perth film-making community. The production of TRIGGER would not have been possible without you all – thank you.”

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