Are you not familiar with Roku?

Why should I add your Roku channel?

Short Central is a brand new, and quickly growing collection of short films, including various genres as well as sections for featured content, up coming teasers and trailers, and even a section for students, making it the most unique short film collection on Roku.

Why should I put my film on Short Central?

Roku is a largely free platform for users with no monthly cost, and is rapidly capturing attention of many viwers worldwide. Short Central combines this growing trend with the thirst for quality films and need for a short film hub on Roku all in one amazing free service!

How much does it cost?

To watch the channel and to publish on it is absolutely free! Not only that, but if you publish a movie on our channel, we might even pay you! That's right pay YOU! If an advertiser decides to place a commercial and your short film gets selected we will provide you with a revenue share!

Why Should You Submit Your Film ?

There are many reasons to choose Short Central as s spot to promote your short film!

  • By giving us the url of your film while you submit, you still retain all the views while it is being played on our channel!
  • Submiting is absolutely free and non-exclusive!
  • It takes only 10 minutes!
  • If an advertiser chooses your film for his commercial then you will recieve a revenue share!
  • The featured films get additional visibility through our website!

How To Install Short Central

Click here for a guide on how to install Short Central on your Roku device.

Film Archive

Click here for an archive of the films that we have on Short Central.

Copyright Free

We only accept copyright free poster graphics and url for the film that has to be included in the submission.

Featured Short Films